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Citi has over 200 million customers in 160 countries, spanning 4 continents.


Your data needs are satisfied with 16 markets, 10 API categories, and 85 actionable APIs and growing.


The time from great idea to working product is reduced from years to months.


OAuth 2.0 authorization and TLS 1.2 encryption protect your customers' credentials and financial information.

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Intuit provides reliable data access to millions of customers

As a well-known provider of financial management software such as Mint and Quickbooks, Intuit needed a more streamlined and reliable way to provide users access to their data without storing credentials.

Using Citi’s authentication technology and Accounts APIs, customers can now authorize Intuit to reliably access their Citi account data—such as balances, due dates and transaction history. Customers can then view their data through engaging infographics and charts.

By partnering with Citi, Intuit can provide accurate and up-to-date information for a better customer experience.

Intuit APi's Used



Qantas credit cards and mobile app

Powered by Citi’s APIs and global infrastructure, Qantas launched their first Premium and Platinum credit cards along with the Qantas Money app.

Using over 70 Citi APIs to create this new integrated digital experience, the app aggregates customers’ financial data into one place and offers insights into spending habits for greater control. Customers can now monitor their credit card and frequent flyer points balance while earning rewards through Qantas’ loyalty program.

By partnering with Citi, Qantas reduced the time to integrate from years to months. The result: an integrated customer experience that delivers financial control and premium benefits.

qantas used these apis




Money Movement





SingSaver offers instant approval process for Citi credit cards

Citi and SingSaver partnered to create a seamless credit card application natively in the SingSaver website.

Using the Citi Onboarding APIs, the SingSaver application provides a one-stop shop for customers to compare, select and apply for credit cards—all within SingSaver. If approved, SingSaver can notify users of their acceptance and credit limit almost instantly.

By integrating with Citi, the time to go live was reduced from years to months. The result: reduced customer pain points and drop-offs, improving customer experience and conversion rates.

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SingSaver APi's Used


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