Customer Onboarding IPA


Customer Onboarding IPA

Digitally onboard new customers from Partner platform by leveraging customer data to provide in-principle approval for their product of interest. Customers stay informed about the status of their application through an effective customer communication process.


Apply for Citi credit card

Transform the customer experience through a digital onboarding process. Customers can easily and conveniently apply for a Citi credit card and avail attractive offers from the Partner.

Customers provide details and consent

Customers need to provide basic personal details and their consent by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions to share their details with Citibank. During this stage, an application reference number is created.


Refer to API Callout 1 for how to create the application.

API(s) Callout

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Customers continue to provide details

In addition, customers are also required to provide personal details like ID type, government-issued ID number, and address details for verification to be shared with Citibank.


Refer to API Callout 1 for how to update the application.

API(s) Callout

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Customers finish providing details

Customers provide final details pertaining to their income, education, residence and employment details to be shared with Citibank.


The application is submitted for a background screening and an instant in-principle decision of the application is then provided.


Refer to the below API callouts:


  • API Callout 1 for how to update the application.
  • API Callout 2 for in-principle approval.


API(s) Callout

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In-principle approval or rejection

Customers' applications are either approved or rejected, based on the details provided. In case of application approval, a credit limit assigned by Citibank is displayed to the customer.


Once finished reviewing the status of their application, customers are re-directed back to the Partner application.

Subsequent customer communication

Customers receive a notification from Citi on the current status of the application and further instructions in order to complete the application request.