Customer Journey Listing


Pay with Points

Redeeming your Rewards is now easier. Opt to pay for any purchases from partner's website using the Reward points accumulated on your Citibank credit card. Redemption happens after the transaction and the amount equivalent to the points is credited to your account.

Citi PayLite

Enhance customers' shopping experiences with Citi PayLite by providing them with new ways to pay for merchandise and services. Customers can choose to pay using Citi reward points or miles, pay in installments or a combination of both.

Shop with Points

Have an amazing and unforgettable shopping experience by utilizing your Citibank Reward Points to pay for the goods and services purchased at the partner's website/store at checkout.

Card Lost or Stolen

Customers can request to either block or block and replace their card in case of loss or theft to prevent any misuse or fraudulent activity. They can also request a card replacement if their card gets damaged.

Customer Demographics

User-friendly and convenient method for customers to update their demographic details including their correspondence address, email address and phone number.

Supplementary Card Application

Experience the joy of sharing by applying for a supplementary credit card for your loved ones. Supplementary cardholders share the same credit limit as the primary cardholders. Help your loved ones earn discounts, rebates and rewards at over 700 merchant outlets.

Card Activation and Deactivation

After receiving the credit or debit card, the next step for the cardholder is to activate it. Citibank provides a convenient and hassle-free process to not only activate your card instantly before usage but also to deactivate it in case of theft or loss to prevent any kind of fraudulent activity.

Customer Accounts Summary and Details

A convenient and user-friendly experience so that customers can retrieve their account and transaction data. Customers can view the information of all of their accounts along with the account details. They can request both, the summary of all accounts to get the basic account information and account IDs as well as additional accounts and transactions details.

Lead Capture

Lead Capture offers a quick and simplified process for customers to purchase products of interest with minimal entry of their personal information. The customers start by providing their basic information in order to generate a new application, and they in turn receive their application's reference number from Citibank to proceed further.

Insurance Booking - Pre Login

Customers can see available options and buy insurance that fit their needs without leaving the third-party platform.

Insurance Booking - Post Login

Customers can see available options and buy insurance that fit their needs without leaving the third-party platform.

Points Conversion

Redeem the Reward Points earned on your Citibank credit card instantly. Experience a seamless conversion process to convert your Reward Points to partner's loyalty points or Airline Miles.