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Applying for a credit card can be a tedious process

Typically, when a customer applies for a credit card on, they’re redirected to the card issuer’s website to fill out the application. This can be tedious for the customer and forces them to re-enter their personal details. Once the customer leaves the SingSaver website, SingSaver loses track of the customer’s application progress and risks customer drop-off.

Here’s how we help SingSaver streamline the application process


Easy Autofill

Citi APIs enable the credit card application to be native on SingSaver’s website. This means that SingSaver can pre-populate customer information—saving the customer time and effort.

Assess Eligibility

Powered by the Onboarding API, SingSaver quickly and seamlessly captures the customer’s intent to apply for a Citi card.

Immediate Notification

The Request Credit Application Decision endpoint enables SingSaver to inform the customer of the conditional application decision and credit limit, pending verification.


Now SingSaver provides a faster, better experience

With the help of Citi APIs, the end-to-end application process is completed entirely on SingSaver. Customers don’t have to re-enter their information on a different site and are able to receive an immediate response—resulting in reduced customer pain points and a better customer experience.

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