Speed to Market

9 mos.



APIs Used




Money Mvmt.




Here’s how Citi powers this one-of-a-kind customer experience


Credit Card Application

In addition to the app, the Qantas Money website integrates the Citi Onboarding API to enable customers to have a fast and seamless credit card application experience.

Ease and control

Customers have full control of their Qantas Premier account with features like Bpay, reporting lost or stolen cards and keeping their Citi-held account information up to date.

Earn more points

The Qantas Money app serves retail offers so customers can earn additional points toward their Qantas rewards point balance.

Qantas used Citi APIs to power their solution

40 APIs

leveraged in Qantas Money

Qantas has partnered with Citi to bring three credit cards to market in 2.5 years. Their knowledge and expertise have been critical to the success and growth of the Qantas Money brand.

The Result: Massive engagement

4.3 billion

points earned on Premier credit cards


iOS & Android app downloads

1st place

Awarded the Mozo Credit Card Innovation Award

Within the first year, the Qantas Money app was downloaded a whopping 150K+ times. For an integration like Qantas Money, the estimated time to market is 18 months. With the help of Citi APIs, the time to market was reduced to a mere 9 months. Together, Citi and Qantas created a new, streamlined customer experience and helped customers better manage their financial lives.

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