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Hong Kong

APIs Used

Pay with Points


Paying with points wasn’t easy

Previously, HKTV Mall offered Citi customers the option to pay with points, but the original multi-step process was cumbersome and caused drop-offs—customers needed to get an SMS message from Citi, go to Citi’s site and then complete the redemption. HKTV Mall hoped to solve these pain points by making the process a native shopping experience.


Enter the Pay with Points API

With Pay with Points API integration, Citi customers can now easily use reward points during checkout with three simple steps:

1. Complete payment with their Citi points-bearing card

2. Perform a one-time identity verification

3. Select the amount of points to use

The integration was successful—in the first two months, over half of customers who used a Citi credit card for a purchase on HKTV Mall redeemed points through the Pay with Points API.

Here’s how Citi improved the HKTV Mall purchase experience


One-stop solution

From search to checkout, paying with points is now native in HKTV Mall’s shopping experience.

Fast Redemption

The combination of Citi’s Enroll, Retrieve Rewards Balance and Submit Redemption Request API services lets customers quickly choose the amount of points they wish to pay with.

Increased usage

This seamless way to pay has increased customer engagement and spending sitewide.

We’re glad to be the first API partnership with Citi in Hong Kong. This is one of our key milestones for customers’ payment experience.

The Result

Giving customers a more rewarding way to pay

Once Pay with Points launched directly on the HKTV Mall platform, there was an immediate lift in the number of Citi credit card customers who used points to buy the things they wanted. With shoppers taking full advantage of the seamless redemption experience, spending has increased across the platform. More importantly, the introduction of APIs has strengthened customer loyalty and created a valuable new opportunity for HKTV Mall.

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