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Screen scraping has its issues

eMoney was using screen scraping—an outmoded technique to gather customer information—and that produced a number of faulty connections. As a result, their client services and data support teams often had to mop things up, spending needless hours on the phone and managing tickets.


There’s a Citi API for that

Now eMoney is in the process of implementing Citi APIs across the board for more efficient and dependable aggregation. That not only ensures more reliable customer connections, it also increases security and cuts down on customer service calls—so eMoney can focus on what’s next, not what’s broken.

Here’s how Citi upgraded aggregation on the eMoney platform


Added security

End-users are no longer required to share log-in credentials, so they’re less vulnerable to hackers. They also have greater control of their data, with the ability to opt out at any time.

Increased reliability

With fewer connection breakdowns, there are fewer customer service tickets. That helps eMoney save on the bottom line and focus on what matters.

Improved experiences

Financial advisors and their clients can now enjoy accurate, timely account information that helps them concentrate on wealth management.

Together we’ve produced a better, more secure client experience while decreasing the number of broken connections and the resources needed to fix them.

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