Key Features
Quick Notifications

Enables banks to notify Third Party Providers of a change in the status of payments.

Detailed Information

Offer up-to-date information through the event notifications from Citi Private Bank.

Use Cases
Increased Engagement & Interaction

Helps to increase the engagement & interaction through notifications.

Real-Time Updates

When an event occurs, the detailed information related to the event and the affected resource can be easily extracted.

Better User Experience

Third Party Providers will be able to provide a better user experience by reacting to events and notifications faster.

How it Works

Register Callback URL
Allow Third Party Providers to register its Callback URL with Citi Private Bank: 


{ "Data": {"CallbackUrlId": "CB-101","Url": "https://tpp.com/open-banking/v3.1/event-notifications","Version": "3.1" }}
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Available Markets

For further information on Citi Private Bank’s API solution please email us at psd2.cpb@citi.com