Key Features
Funds Check

Allow a Third Party Provider to check the availability of funds in real-time.

One Simple Call

Provide the status of funds availability in an authorized customer account with a simple API call.

Use Cases
Availability of Funds

Make it possible for Third Party Providers to check the funds availability prior to a money movement ensuring successful fund transfers.

Reduce Declined Transactions

Reduce the number of declined transactions by providing a secure means of confirming the funds prior to a money movement.

Controlled Access to Information

Confirmation of funds requires secure customer authentication and authorization, so the Citi Private Bank customer is always in control.

How it Works

Real-time Funds Confirmation
Allow Third Party Providers to confirm the availability of funds in real-time.

Authorize Access to Information
The funds confirmation request is tied to an authorized consent by the Citi Private Bank customer, so that the customer is always in control.

Reference Information
Additional reference information can be associated with the request.


{ "Data": {"FundsConfirmationId": "123456","ConsentId": "9COF201999664300", "CreationDateTime": "2017-05-02T00:00:00+00:00","FundsAvailable": true,"Reference": "Purchase01","InstructedAmount": {"Amount": "20.00","Currency": "GBP" } }}
Available Markets

For further information on Citi Private Bank’s API solution please email us at psd2.cpb@citi.com