API Overview: 


Key Features
Request Statements

Let customers view and store monthly account statements within your app or website.

Change PIN

Allow customers to change or reset their Debit card PIN.

Manage Debit Card Accounts

Enable customers to activate, lock/unlock or replace their Debit Card details within your app or website.

Use Cases
Enable Account Management

By seamlessly integrating account management into your native environment, your customers will be able to access their financial accounts information and manage their debit cards without having to leave their preferred digital experience, leading to a stickier experience and greater engagement in your product.

Increase Security

By enabling your customers to quickly and easily lock their card, change their PIN, and review their transaction history, fraud and unauthorized purchases can be identified faster or even prevented.

How it Works

View Statement List
With this API you can present users with a list of statements based on services and product types available to them.

Retrieve Statement
This API delivers PDF statements based on the Statement ID requested. A Statement ID is determined first by a user’s location. Once location is established, the statements will show the fields that pertain to the relevant product or service - such as a loan, banking product or tax statement.

Change/Reset Debit Card PIN
This API allows users to change or reset their Debit Card PIN number.

Lock/unlock Debit Card
This API allows customers to lock or unlock their Debit Card.

Replace Debit Card
This API allows customers to replace their Debit Card if the card has been lost, stolen or damaged.

Activate Debit Card
This API allows customers to activate their Debit Card so they don’t have to call a customer service agent to do so.

[ { "accountId": "00000000035363557", "statementId": "5d38d86704895841f8d6329b", "statementType": "501", "documentFormat": "PDF", "statementDate": "12/31/2018", "productFamily": "Bank" }] { "accountId": "70551d2e-ad9e-4ba9-aee6-510afeb0c0cd-BNK", "pinNumber": "5819", "cardType": "DEBIT"}{"format":"PDF","encodeType":"base64","binaryData":"JVBERi0xLjINJcXZ1cnF/w0xBd…"}{"currentPin":"2406","newPin":"3782","cardType":"DEBIT","accountId":"2312321312fsfsfe"}{"accountId":"2312321312fsfsfe","cardType":"DEBIT"}{"deliveryMode":"FAST_CARD","issueReason":"LOST","newPinRequestedFlag":"Y","pinMailerFlag":"Y"}{"accountId":"70551d2e-ad9e-4ba9-aee6-510afeb0c0cd-BNK","pinNumber":"5819","cardType":"DEBIT"}

Available Markets

United States