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The Onboarding API allows you to initiate the basic account opening process for new customers. The resources allow you to present eligible products, send applications for screening and submit a new application for one or more products. The resources also allow you to submit supporting documents. Application status can be checked at any point in the process, with decisioning happening in real time.

The Onboarding API uses the client_credentials grant type, for authorization details CLICK HERE

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Endpoints on this page
put /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/applicants/{applicantId} Supp Applicant Update
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/applicants Supp Applicant Add
put /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/products/unsecured Update unsecured product details
put /v1/emea/mfa/otp Public-Validate OTP
post /v1/emea/mfa/otp GenerateOTP
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications Create unsecured credit application
get /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId} Application Inquiry
put /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId} Update unsecured credit application
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/submission Submit application
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/inPrincipleApprovals Request credit application decision
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/documents Upload application documents
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/offerAcceptance Accept cross sell products
get /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/status Check application status
post /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/backgroundScreening Background Screening
post /v1/emea/onboarding/prospects Submit prospect

Supp Applicant Update

put /v1/emea/onboarding/applications/{applicationId}/applicants/{applicantId}

Allows primary card holder to edit or update the supplementary card application details.

Header Parameters
string required
The client ID you received while Onboarding with Citi to use these API's. This will be generated and shared while registring in the developer portal.
string required
The Authorization Token
string Optional
Country code in 2 character ISO 3166 format.
string Optional
The 3 character business code. Use GCB for consumer banking.
string required
128 bit UUID that you generate for every request
string required
Content-Types that are acceptable for the response. Currently we support application/json.
string Optional
List of acceptable human languages for response
string Optional
The media type of the body of the request (used with POST and PUT requests). Currently we support application/json
string Optional
Device and browser information. Refer the developer portal for more information. Please ensure the header is base64 encoded
Path Parameters
string required
Unique ID created for an Application. This is retuned back in ApplicationAdd response and the same should be passed here.
string required
Unique ID created for an Applicant. This is retuned back in ApplicantAdd response and the same should be passed here.
Body Parameters
Update applicant details to the application
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