Payments Initiation

API Overview: 


Key Features
Bank-To-Bank Transfers

Enable your customers to transfer money from Citi Private Bank accounts to other banks.

Payment Status

Customers can now check / retrieve the status of a payment submission.

In-Market Solution

Enable money movement for any Citi Private Bank customer in the market.

Use Cases
Real-time Status

Enable Third Party Providers know the status of the payment transaction that have been initiated, so that customer can be notified on the payment transaction.

Recurring Payments

Allow Third Party Providers to setup recurring payments for Citi Private Bank customers.

Fund Transfers

Provide the ability for Citi Private Bank customers to send or receive money.

How it Works

Transfer Money
Allow customers to move money (Domestic or International) from their Citi Private Bank account to another Citi account or external payee.

Authorize Access to Information
The payment initiation request is tied to an authorized consent by the Citi Private Bank customer, so that the customer is always in control.

Real-time Status of Payments
Displays the status of payment initiation requests in real-time.

{ "Data": {"DomesticPaymentId": "2DPY201946798503","ConsentId": "3DPY201998765400","Status": "Pending","CreationDateTime": "2019-02-21T11:37:17.293-05:00","StatusUpdateDateTime": "2019-02-21T11:42:17.293-05:00","Initiation": {"InstructionIdentification": "ANSM023","EndToEndIdentification": "FRESCO.21302.GFX.37","InstructedAmount": {"Amount": "20.00","Currency": "GBP" },"DebtorAccount": {"SchemeName": "UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber","Identification": "11280001234567","Name": "Andrea Smith" },"CreditorAccount": {"SchemeName": "UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber","Identification": "08080021325698","Name": "Bob Clements" },"RemittanceInformation": {"Reference": "FRESCO-037","Unstructured": "Internal ops code 5120103" } } }}
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