Key Features
Report Card Activity

Monitor credit card accounts for potentially fraudulent and questionable charges.

Manage Cards While Traveling

Allow customers to turn specific credit card activities on and off during international travel.

Report Cards Lost or Stolen

Customers can report cards as lost or stolen and track that request with a reference number.

Use Cases
Card Protection

Let your customers instantly freeze a lost or stolen credit card and start the process of issuing a replacement.

Travel Alerts

Create alerts that automatically notify Citi when your customers book upcoming travel so they’re able to use their cards whenever and wherever they go.

Request Credit Increase

Enable your customers to request temporary or permanent credit limit increase right from your app given them the flexibility to make larger purchases.

How it Works

Credit Limit Increase
Show a customer's credit limit increase amount and more. Great for helping your customer pay for big ticket items like a vacation, wedding, or renovation.


{"temporaryCreditLimitIncrease": {"cardId": "4565666277647878436c505774504c504a594261686a4c 676f2f2b2b67334e32747967676f4c7341794e553d","requestedCreditLimitAmount": 9000,"creditLimitIncreaseStartDate": "2018-10-01","creditLimitIncreaseEndDate": "2018-12-01","reasonCode": "TRAVEL_RELATED" }}

Available Markets

Hong Kong