Key Features
Request Statements

Let customers view monthly account statements and details from the current year from your app and website.

Change PIN

Permit customers to change account PIN from your site or app.

How it Works

View Reset Code
Help your customer reset their pin. Display the new ATM pin after reset. 


{”accountGroupSummary" : [ {"accountGroup": "CREDIT","accounts" : [ {"creditCardAccountSummary" : {"productName" : "Citibank Platinum Visa","productCode" : "0071_VC301","accountNickname" : "TRAVEL CARD","displayAccountNumber" :"XXXXXXXXXXXX0364","accountId" :"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX343d","currencyCode" :"AUD","accountClassification" :"LIABILITY","accountStatus" : "ACTIVE","outstandingBalance" :10000.25,"availableCredit" :15000.25,"creditLimit" : 25000.25,"minimumDueAmount" :256.5,"paymentDueDate" : "2016-10-05","alternateCurrency" :"USD","alternateCurrencyCurrentBalance" :1534.25,"cardHolderType" : "PRIMARY" } }] }]}
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