Key Features
In-Market Solution

Enable money movement for any Citi customer in market.

Bill Pay

Add this convenient feature for your Citi customers in market.

Bank-To-Bank Transfers

Enable your customers to transfer money from Citi accounts to other banks in market.

Use Cases
Pay Bills

Make it possible for your customers to pay bills, set up automatic transfers, better control their cash flow and more so they don’t have to leave your app.

Move Money

Offer more ways for your customers to manage their finances and investments by letting them transfer funds between accounts, set up direct deposit and fund brokerage accounts.

Account Transfers

Add the ability to your app or product to let customers send or receive money.

How it Works

Transfer Money
Allow customers to move money from their Citi account to another Citi account or external payee.

Transfer Details
Show the amount and type of currency your customer is transferring.

Foreign Exchange Info
For foreign transactions, show exchange rate, related transaction fee, and the currency being exchanged.

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Available Markets

Hong Kong
United Kingdom