API Overview: 


Key Features
Actionable Data

Enrich customer experiences with personalized charts, graphs and offers.

One Simple Call

Provide detailed customer account data with a simple API call.

Multi-Purpose API

Access data for any idea, product or service you have - budgeting, automatic payments, messaging, fraud detection, financial literacy and more.

No More Screen Scraping

Skip the hassle of needing your customer's credentials. Utilize our industry standard REST API to access the account info and data you need faster and in a structured manner.

Use Cases
Account Aggregation

Display information on financial accounts, such as balance and historical transactions to give your customers a consolidated view of their financial life right from your app.


Create custom alerts to notify your customers about overspending, low balances, unusual transactions and more.

Real-Time Updates

Offer up-to-date account data and enable your customers to view current cash flow, reconcile bank transactions and better manage expenses – all in one place.

How it Works

Product Name and Account ID
Get an overview of your customer’s available accounts, identifiers, and account status—great for aggregation use cases. 

Account Balance and Credit Limit
Retrieve your customer’s available funds. Use balances and limits to display budget alerts, personalized recommendations, and more.

Payment Due Date
Help your customer avoid late payments. Send notifications about upcoming due dates, or notify them ahead of time with automatic notifications.


{”accountGroupSummary" : [ {"accountGroup": "CREDIT","accounts" : [ {"creditCardAccountSummary" : {"productName" : "Citibank Platinum Visa","productCode" : "0071_VC301","accountNickname" : "TRAVEL CARD","displayAccountNumber" :"XXXXXXXXXXXX0364","accountId" :"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX343d","currencyCode" :"AUD","accountClassification" :"LIABILITY","accountStatus" : "ACTIVE","outstandingBalance" :10000.25,"availableCredit" :15000.25,"creditLimit" : 25000.25,"minimumDueAmount" :256.5,"paymentDueDate" : "2016-10-05","alternateCurrency" :"USD","alternateCurrencyCurrentBalance" :1534.25,"cardHolderType" : "PRIMARY" } }] }]}

Available Markets

Hong Kong
United Kingdom
United States