Some APIs You Can Use:

Allow Citi customers to access their account summaries in an innovative way.
Enable Citi customers to grant your app access to their account data and services.
Get approved access to shared Citi customer profile data for deeper engagement.
Give Citi customers the ability to manage their credit and debit cards.
Money Movement
Give Citi customers the ability to move money across accounts and institutions.
Tap into the power of Citi acquisitions partner services.

Big names, bigger results

Qantas Money

Qantas is creating new customer experiences using Citi’s Open Banking platform. In June 2017, Citi deployed 70 APIs to build a Qantas branded credit card and mobile application in less than 9 months. 

More Data. New Markets

Developers can now access Citi’s open architecture in 16 countries, including Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, and UAE.